Grammar lesson tomorrow– :S

by kimbym




“Teaching” with Adrienne in the EPGS Reading and Writing classes these past 3 weeks has been great- low stress and it reallyis more like teaching academic skills than teaching language (which I think, is really the point of these classes anyway). I’m not sure if or when I’ll ever really be teaching students at this level again but one never knows…. all experience can be useful at some point, yeah?

So, it turns out, and maybe no surprise here, that most students are having a little trouble with articles, particularly the use of zero articles and generic reference.  No problem- that’s what us practicum interns are for!  Dusting off good ol’ Cowan and checking Scott Thornbury’s A-Z of ELT Blog (he’s got a couple of good posts on articles) and spending about 6 hours in the library working out a 45 minute lesson- I’ve hopefully got something that will help the students instead of further confusing them…..on paper, it all makes sense (to me) so now it all comes down to execution. I have taught articles before but always from a coursebook- This will be the first time presenting articles within the framework of generic/specific and definite/indefiniteness.   I have no doubt I’ll be tripping over my explanations but as I’ve told my students in the past, “Sometimes, you need to make 1,000 mistakes before you get it right so you better start making them now!”  I start the process tomorrow…..